Meal Plan 9/20-9/26

There aren’t really words adequate to describe how much better this week went than last week. I’m not saying it was necessarily totally because I had my meals all prepped, but I think that definitely was a factor. Having that done made me feel like I was on top of my game – even if only in one facet of my life. That feeling of being ahead of the ball – even if only a little bit – makes all the difference for me.

One day I got home – and not early, actually about 40 mins later than I had wanted to get home – but because everything was already prepped I just got it started & was able to go for a walk with the kids. The sun was shining, the wind was whipping by & it was glorious. That’s exactly why this kind of organization matters – peaceful, relaxed time with my family makes my life better.

Ok, so. Here comes week two, are you ready?

Sunday, Sept 20th: we are having my family over to the new house for a Sunday late lunch/early dinner Sabbath meal. Roast Chicken, mashed potatoes, greens, salad, & mashed carrots. For dessert I’m making (boxed) red velvet cake with (canned) cream cheese frosting. Nobody tell my Gramma or my Aunt Ghee.

Monday, Sept 21: the plumber is coming to finally hook up the washing machine, & I swear to God this will be the fourth happiest day of my life. We have been here a month & some change without a washer & dryer & those of you who do it all the time, God bless you – your suffering is making saints. It’s fitting that today is also (another) minor feast for us, so a celebratory dinner is required: chicken fajitas, ranch green beans, and salad.

Tuesday, Sept 22nd: Husband has a work thing. Kraft Mac & cheese, roasted broccoli, & wine.

Wednesday, Sept 23: We are going to my brother’s soccer game, so it has to be something that can simmer alllll daaaaay – chili & bread.

Thursday, Sept 24th: Another work meeting. Leftover chili & wine.

Friday, Sept 25th: Finally, gloriously, a day with nothing! Quinoa “risotto” with mushrooms & bell peppers & salad.

Saturday, Sept 26th: As of right now there is nothing on the calendar, but I’m sure something will come up that I can’t foresee right now. Let’s say a smorgesborg of leftovers.

And, for your shopping list, you ready?

one whole roasting chicken (maybe two, probably two, we’re having my family over)
ground beef
chicken breasts
heavy cream (or half & half, or even milk if you’re counting calories, but . . . why?)
sour cream
shredded cheese
The good kind of parmesan (shredded, not “sprinkle cheese”)
a can of black beans
a can of chili beans
a can of chili-ready tomatoes
two cans of mushrooms (it doesn’t matter, whatever’s cheap)
Chicken broth (or veggie broth if you take your meatless days hardcore)
a box (or three, however many you need) of Kraft mac & cheese
3-4 bell peppers
3 onions
a ridiculous number of potatoes (I like to get red-skinned for reasons of hackery you’ll learn here)
a bag of baby carrots (maybe 2?)
stuff to make salad
frozen kale/spinach
frozen broccoli
a loaf of really good crusty bread, may need to buy this the day of so it doesn’t go stale


Meal Plan 9/13-9/19 (Can we start real life now?)

Today I looked at a calendar and realized that we’ve been living here for almost a month. It doesn’t feel like it. It feels like we are spinning in chaos & honestly I’ve been having a really hard time coping. Anyway, after my mom pestered me a little, I decided to get back to one thing that made my life a lot easier back before we moved: meal planning & weekly meal prep.

So, without further ado, here’s our plan for the week of Sept 13th through Sept 19th.

Sunday, Sept 13th: Husband will be busy at work aall daaay on Sunday & I will be there with the kids for at least part of it, so I made the executive decision that we are going to have pizza for dinner on Sunday. Happy Sabbath you guys.

Monday, Sept 14th: Today is a minor feast day for us (learn more here if you’d like) so I want to do something involving a little more effort, something we as a family really like – so we’re having meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, and greens (using as a base a recipe I got from my friend Karianna). I’m also going to make (boxed) brownies.

Tuesday, Sept 15th: Husband will be at work tonight, so I’ll heat up leftovers. It’s frugal . . . or something.

Wednesday, Sept 16th: Nothing going on – chicken & cheese enchiladas, using an idea I got from my friend Kendra a while back (I put frozen spinach or kale in the enchiladas to sneak extra veggies in, I know, brilliant, right?).

Thursday, Sept 17th: Ranch Chicken and Broccoli using a “recipe” so easy you’ll lose your mind.

Friday, Sept 18th: Shrimp tacos – this one you can’t really prep beforehand, so if you’re gonna have a busy day on Friday, maybe sub this with something else.

Saturday, Sept 19th: Husband will have another loooong work day, so I’ll heat up leftovers, or maybe we’ll go out. This is our swing day this week.

Also, I’ll be making chicken salad to have for lunch all week.

So here’s the shopping list for this week (I include a lot of things that I had in the pantry, so this is long & scary, but, y’know . . . adjust so it works for you):

Chicken breasts (enough for 3 meals)
ground beef (or turkey, whatever)
shredded cheese
sour cream
green onions
white onions
bell peppers
pico de gallo-style salsa (or the stuff to make it, but, like, I’m not gonna make salsa from scratch)
sweet potatoes/yams
frozen shrimp (I use the pre-cooked, de-veined, de-tailed kind because I’m lazy)
frozen kale/spinach (enough for two meals)
frozen broccoli (florets!)
tortillas (corn or flour, Husband prefers flour)
bread crumbs
enchilada sauce
ranch seasoning
Frank’s red hot (or other hot sauce)
oregano, garlic powder, Italian seasonings, etc

So, there you go! I’ll add a prep post eventually.

Good luck shopping!