Things my Therapist told me (meal plan 11/15-11/22)

It is winter here.

It’s not snowing yet, but it is cold enough to need coats, & most importantly the sun is setting at 4:40 now, which means that when I work I won’t get home before dark until mid-January when the days get longer again. Right now the wind is whipping outside blowing frigid rain in all directions. If there were daylight we’d see white caps on the lake, but alas it is dark. Making lots of things in the crockpot lately. Dark evenings means lighting candles, fuzzy slippers, chili & stew & early bedtime.

I’m thinking a lot lately about mindfulness, about being present, & about how my attitude affects my experience. I am working on being present – present to my feelings, present to my kids, present to my husband. I’m thinking a lot about routine – I am the type of person who desperately needs routine & structure.

So, back at it, shall we? How’s the week look?

Sunday – we haven’t done this in a while – roast beef, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans.

Monday – nothing going on, everyone is home – chili is a good meal for miserable weather, & maybe some good bread to go with it.

Tuesday – husband is working for three days in a row this week, but I still want a good dinner for the kids & me. Maybe pasta pie? I want to see if this is something I can do in the crock pot.

Wednesday – chicken & rice soup & grilled cheese sandwiches. I made the broth last week from the bones of a rotisserie chicken because I’m a baller, but you can buy broth if you have a life or whatever.

Thursday – spaghetti & meatballs, a family favorite.

Friday – stuffed peppers – using a “stuffing” of quinoa, onion, spinach, cheese & whatever else is around.

Saturday – honestly probably picking up takeout. I’m just trying to be real here.

Sunday – feast of Christ the King! Fetucini Alfredo, oven-roasted chicken breasts, & greens. Cake (boxed, with canned frosting) for dessert.
Ok, what are you eating this week?


One thought on “Things my Therapist told me (meal plan 11/15-11/22)

  1. We do ours Sat-Fri:
    Sat was pasta with butter and parm, and green beans. Bc I was gone and hubby was in charge :).
    Sun- deep freezer clean out ie fend for yourself
    Mon- nachos and cheese (ground beef, black beans, corn, guac, salsa)
    Tues- soup…from a can… and salad
    Wed- whole chicken in the crockpot w/ veggies and rolls
    Thurs- Wed leftovers bc I babysit both those afternoons til dinner time
    Fri- homemade mac n cheese w/ salad

    Thanks for the Christ the King reminder! We’ll have to plan something a little special. Also drooling over your Sunday meal. I’ve literally never done a roast.


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