Sorry ’bout it… (meal plan 10/26-11/1)

I’m not very good at adult. It’s just the reality of who & what I am. We had son family stuff come up & I haven’t quite been able to get my shit together since. 

So, here’s my attempt at getting back on track:

Sunday 10/25 – having family over, let’s say pulled pork & coleslaw & maybe salt potatoes.

Monday 10/26 – the one night of the week husband will be home for dinner. How about mushroom chicken in the crock pot & steamed veggies?

Tuesday 10/27 – I have a meeting & husband works, can you say mac & cheese for everyone?

Wednesday 10/28 – husband works. DIY grilled cheese? It is the Feast of Sts Simon & Jude so I feel like something festive is appropriate. Idk, I can’t muster much on solo nights.

Thursday 10/29 –  husband *may* be home for dinner, so crock pot meatloaf, green beans, & sweet potatoes.

Friday 10/30 – breakfast for dinner! An egg bake with spinach, cheese, mushrooms, onions, etc. 

Saturday – probably dinner at my parents’ so we can take the kids trick or treating,

Sunday – 1/1 – feast of all saints & my brother’s birthday. Having my family over for dinner. My brother (turning 14) has requested fettuccini Alfredo with peas & grilled chicken.

There you go! 

My mom will be here with me on Sunday to prep, so I may even be able to do a real prep post for you. 
Have a stellar week you guys!


If you have a great idea please share it! Do you have a recipe that's delicious and simple? I want to know. Do you have a hack that has made your meal planning & prep easier? COMMENT WITH IT. If you have ideas, I want to hear them. PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT!

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