Meal Plan 9.27 – 10.2

Well, another week has come and gone, and we stuck to the meal plan pretty well! How are you holding up with this? 
Probably better than me. 
I’m feeling horribly “meh” about just about everything right now, and the challenge of this new school, this new group of students is wearing me down. Still no childcare finalized, still feeling unsettled. It’s been a tough week for a lot of different reasons.
So, I need some bright spots in my week, I need something to look forward to, something to be excited about, and because I am me – that thing is probably going to be food.
Here goes:
Sunday: Dinner at my mom & dad’s – something I will not make or plan or prep. Amazing.
Monday: Nothing on the calendar, so I have time for something more complicated & delicious. Gonna make something my kids really like: hand-cut, hand-breaded chicken fingers, roasted broccoli (dinosaur trees), sweet potatoes (yams), and (boxed) brownies. And ice cream. Hey, I warned you.
Tuesday: Husband has a work thing, but it’s also Michaelmas, so grilled cheese bar for me & the kids.
Wednesday: Tuesday was a feast for us (read more here if you want) BUT because of Husband’s work, we – as a family – are abrogating it. SO – Roast chicken, mashed carrots, mashed potatoes, and pie. Whether I make or buy the pie will depend on how the week unfolds (read: how Tuesday goes).
Thursday: Another night that Husband works, so frozen pizza, wine, and ice cream. #sorryI’mnotsorry

*A note about this, though – this is a win. I’m not picking up drive through, so I’m saving money. And probably calories. Idk, I hope anyway
Friday: Eggplant parmigiana. Done.
Don’t ask me about Saturday. I can’t think that far ahead.
Also I fail at shopping list. Sorry.


If you have a great idea please share it! Do you have a recipe that's delicious and simple? I want to know. Do you have a hack that has made your meal planning & prep easier? COMMENT WITH IT. If you have ideas, I want to hear them. PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT!

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