This recipe is actually my father’s. It’s more of a ratio than a recipe, but hopefully you realize that that is just how we roll.
It’s best if you let it simmer for a loooong tiiiime in a crock pot. My dad is not a crock pot person, though, so he lets it simmer for a looooong tiiiiiiime on the stove on low. I have done both. I find the crock pot easier.

1lb ground beef

one onion

one bell pepper

one can of black beans

one can of ‘chili beans’

one can of chili-ready tomatoes

a mess of chili-related spices (cumin, chili powder, red pepper, oregano, etc)

I add, but my dad doesn’t: one can of mushrooms.

You can basically add whatever you want. I mean, obviously, it’s your chili. Do you.

Dice the onion and the pepper, and throw them in a nice big skillet/pan thing. Maybe with some butter. Maybe with a tiny bit of olive oil. I’ve done it with coconut oil, but Husband did not like that.

When the kitchen starts to smell delicious, add the ground beef & brown it. While browning it, add spices & salt, & all that. When the meat is browned, put it in the crock pot. Add all the cans of everything. Cook on low for an entire day.

Serve with sour cream and shredded cheese, & – if you’re feeling saucy – with bacon. Yes, of course.


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