ETA: I edited this post after making kale using this recipe. I edited it to add a picture. This is a picture of my 2.5yo son’s plate. He ate ALL the kale I put on his plate when I made it this way.
KALE you guys, he ate KALE. And I put easily 3-4 tablespoons on there.


See? There’s still sweet potato and meatloaf on that plate, but the kale is basically gone.

This is a recipe I got from my friend Karianna, who is awesome & her blog is great.

Leafy green plant (fresh or frozen, spinach, kale, collard, mustard, whatever)


Frank’s red hot sauce

Buck’s seasoning

Stove top:

Start by frying the bacon in a deep skillet. When it’s getting that delicious smell, put the greens on top & sprinkle with Buck’s but be careful bc it’s salty. If you can’t get Bucks’s first I’m sorry because it’s delicious, but second seasoned salt works ok. When it’s getting to look pretty well cooked shake on a good amount of Frank’s red hot. Then taste it & adjust the Buck’s/Frank’s balance.

Crock pot:

First (always) put a crock pot liner in a small ish crock pot. I have used a small oven bag with success in my itsy bitsy crock pot. They say not to, but I’m a rebel.

Layer bacon, greens, Buck’s, & Frank’s but go really easy on the Buck’s & Frank’s because you can always add more but too much & now you’ve wasted time AND food.

Cook on low until it’s done.

Kidding (kinda). Cook for like 2-3 hours? Maybe just use the stove to be safe.


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